Belly Casting

Shanice's cast
Shanice Cast
Shanice cast
Leisha's belly cast
Leisha Cast
Leisha's belly cast
Fanah's display
Shivangali Cast
Shivangali's belly cast
Shivanigali's cast
Janelle's belly cast
Janelle's Belly Cast
Janelle's belly cast
Latoya's belly cast
Latoya's belly cast
Akeya's belly cast
Sperm whale
Akeya's cast
Berhana's belly cast
Sarah's belly cast
Jenelle's Beautiful Belly Cast
Flower Detail
Nkechi's belly cast
Cristal Restoration
Heart cut out seen on Nkechi's belly cas
Nkechi's belly cast
Natasha's Belly Cast
Natasha's Belly Cast
Cristie belly cast
Nadia's Cast
Nadia Cast
Nadia Cast
Leyan's belly cast.
Leyan's belly cast
Leyan's belly cast
Lacy's Belly Cast
Petal Belly cast
Sabrina's cast
Stephanie's cast
Stephanie's cast
Savatri Cast
IG and website
IG and website font
Anita's beautiful cast
Calligraphy seen on Anita's cast.
Jendayi's cast
Beautiful flower
Naomi's completed cast
Scarlett's information
Fabian and Sacha's cast
Amber's information
Sasiya's completed cast.
Sole' information.
Rohan's sweet pink cast.
Cavelle's Cast
Cavelle's Cast
Hannah's cast
Laura's Cast
Underwater theme
Tamika's Cast.
Yoland's completed cast.
Arti's cast.
Vanessa's cast
Mehindi themed cast.
Close up of Larissa's cast.
Sherise Completed Cast.
Beautiful detail.
Priscella Cast
Baby William Cast
Baby William's Cast.
Alice Cast.
Michelle Completed Cast.
Client's home
Client's display
Melissa's Cast.
Stephanie's completed cast.
Mel's cast.
Reeva's cast.
Camille's completed cast.
Calligraphy seen on Camille's cast.
Rhinestones lining Camille's cast.
Fanah's beautiful cast.
Calligraphy seen on Fanah's cast.
Artala's completed cast.
Baby's information.
Darcyl's completed cast.
Beautiful poem composed by mom.
Zakiya's completed cast.
Name and meaning.
Baby's information.
Lydia's completed cast.
Abigail's cast.
Rennee's completed cast.
Lisa's completed cast.
Additional info added.
Diana's completed cast.
Baby's foot print
Beautiful Calligraphy.
Jolie completed cast.
Malika's completed cast.
Baby's name hand written.
Shardina's completed cast.
Baby's information.
Nikie's completed cast.
Hand written calligraphy.
Alisa's completed cast.
Andre gift to his wife.
Danielle's Cast.
Danielle's Cast.
Danielle's Cast.
Close up of Simone's cast.
Simone's Cast.
Sangita's Cast.
Sangita's Cast.
Sabrina's Cast.
Sabrina's Cast.
Cherry blossom with text.
Lotus pond.
Underwater Theme
Nikki's cast.jpg
Chest and tummy with mosaic tie
Tummy only with themed artwork and baby's information
Close-up of artwork
Chest and tummy with mosiac flower
Metallic gold chest and tummy
Tummy only in 1 color
Chest and tummy with artwork.
Celest completed cast.
Chest adn tummy with baby's information.
Mileysi's completed cast.
Cast with light
Chest and tummy area with intricate artwork.