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Welcome to Belly Casting by Leanna

Hello! Thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Leanna Gheseawan and I specialize in belly casting and lifecasting services since 2014. I am based in Trinidad and Tobago and most casting sessions are done at my location (Couva, California to be exact)

I understand that every person’s circumstance differs, I am happy to visit your location or wherever you need me to be. I strongly believe that my work has more impact that any photograph and my aim is to amaze you with a masterpiece you will admire now and forever. 

I can cast or replicate almost anything, including adults, families, baby hands and feet, even doggy paws, bringing you a forever keepsake you will cherish for all time. I use only the very best products available, and it’s a simple, pain free and 100% safe process which means your finished keepsake will not only look stunning, but it will also last forever, as it should!

Memorial Cast/ Bereavement Casting is also available. This is done at the funeral home and I work closely with you and your family. All pieces are artfully displayed in a customized shadowbox.

Please feel free to check out my Facebook page and also my Tiktok account. I would love the opportunity to work with you, whatever the occasion.

New Product Alert!

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Meet The Team


Leanna Gheseawan

Belly Caster/ Life Caster


Fabio Branca

Husband/ Assistant

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