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Plastering smiles during their belly casting session.

I had the pleasure of meeting these lovely ladies and their families. 

Sally and Chris
Mersha and family
Rianna During her casting session
The beautiful Nakita and hubby.
Larissa and hubby.
Sonya, Yoland and Ria.
Vanessa & family.
Marisa and hubby.
Sarah Lee during her casting session
Sherise during her casting session.
Arti during her casting session.
Jessica during her casting session.
Michelle during her casting session.
Resha during her casting session.
Stephanie during her casting session
Fanah during her casting session.
Camille and I
Rennee & Hubby.
Maedica and hubby.
Zakiya during her casting session.
Shardina during her casting session.
Darsyl & mom.
Simone during our casting session.
Abigail during her casting session.
Danielle and her husband.
Aditi, Kyrelle Lee & I.
Malikah during her casting session.
Gushier and I.
Melissa during her casting session.
Diana and her husband.
Latoya's casting session.
Lisa during her casting session.
Rachael during our casting session.
Elizabeth's casting session
Sangita's casting session
Kavita's casting session
Reshma's casting session
Hollin and Ryan's casting session
Lydia's casting session
Celeste's casting session
Justine's casting session
Krystal's casting session
Sabrina's casting session.
Tiffany's casting session
Quilin's casting session
Shanice's casting session
Driselle's casting session

"This weekend was awesome! It’s a real blessing to have crossed paths with you, Leanna. You’ve done an amazing job in helping us preserve our precious memories. Thank you.

Your organization skills and eye for detail are outstanding and coupled with your fun personality and consideration for your clients make you an artist in the highest sense of the word.

We had a fantastic time doing the photoshoot and making new friends along the way, thanks to Fabio and Michael who were so much fun to work with. It was lovely meeting Dayna I’m grateful for her generosity and Nicole for her amazing talent (and sound advice).
The photos were beautifully done, we couldn’t be happier and I can’t wait to see the finished belly cast!! 
Thanks again for everything!"

Reshma Samlal Mohammed, Chaguanas.

Firstly I must say a HUGE thank you to Leanna for an amazing experience throughout our casting session. Very professional but also made us feel so comfortable. We we were able to incorporate our ideas and exactly what we wanted and the result was mind blowing!!! It captures each and every detail so precisely that it becomes very emotional. Now that my baby is three months old and looking at this cast I have no regrets and it's one of the best decisions I have ever made to get this done. It beats any other keepsake knowing that it captures something so precious and sacred and can never be replicated. So thank you Leanna for sharing your very unique set of skills and ideas with us and creating this masterpiece!!

Hollin Ragoonanan, Debe.


I just wanna say Thank You sooo...much again Leanna for helping me celebrate my passage into motherhood with my beautiful one of a kind art piece. Now my belly cast will always be the most precious memory of my sweet babygirl growing inside of me and I will forever be grateful to you Leanna. I am glad to have had the opportunity to meet you, you welcomed me into your home and made me feel so comfortable and beautiful while you did what you do best. Twas truly a relaxing and memorable experience and you were very professional all the way. Little did I know that my babygirl would share the same birth date as you (18th of March) wow! I'm still shocked and in awe :) I will always treasure my wonderful souvenir of pregnancy. I am proud to show off my belly cast now and to all mommy's to be, I encourage you to do the same for it is indeed an awesome experience and your baby will def. be reminded of the love you had for them even before you laid eyes. May God continue to shower his blessings upon you always Leanna.

Tsaiann Rampersadsingh.


I had the pleasure of meeting Leanna about three months ago, (just two days before the delivery of my baby) for a belly casting session and I must say that it was indeed a satisfying and exciting experience. To begin with, I had a terrible nine months of severe morning sickness all day so I doubted that I would have even been able to do a pregnancy shoot or belly cast but with alot of encouragement from my sister and my husband I finally called Leanna on 26th Aug explaining that my c-section was scheduled for the 29th an really wished that she could fit me into her tight schedule. I doubted very much that she would have been able to accommodate me but I was still hopeful, and so I learned she is always willing to go out of her way, above and beyond her call of duty, to accomodate her customers.... so there she was at my home on the 27th Aug to do my cast!!!! It was unbelieveable from there onward. This was the first time I was meeting her but because of her warm personality I felt as if we've been friends for years... no exaggeration! Then furthermore, the service provided after our hands-on session to get my cast design completed was exceptional. She works with amazing, very talented people to get exactly what you envisioned! During the process, I felt so bad at one point because I thought I was being a very picky customer so I told her the first draft of the artwork on my cast isn't exactly what I had in mind but it very beautiful anyway so I'll work with it. And her response to me was basically that "she will not let her customers settle for anything less than perfection". She and her team worked night and day to recreate my cast exactly as my husband and I imagined it would be!!! I cannot express the level of satisfaction that I feel over this entire experience working with the Belly Casting Team. It was definitely rewarding as the cast is such a unique keepsake that can be kept for generations! Thank you so much!

Stephanie Leah Jones, Chaguanas.


"Really must say thank you to Leanna for such an amazing session yesterday. Quite the professional with her easy attitude and quick hands. I was sooooo comfortable and well taken care am just bubbling with excitement for next week wednesday and of course for seeing the finished product!!! Such a gem!!! A million thanks for making this a reality..."

Simone Sagar, Mayo.


Stumbling upon your page was one of the most exciting moments of my pregnancy. As soon as I saw your work I knew I had to have a cast of my own. Your passion and expertise only reinforced my desire to have the piece done. During the entire process your warm and friendly personality made this new experience a comfortable one. With a heart filled with gratitude i say thanks, a million, to you for our "masterpiece". I really love it!!! Thank you again Leanna!

Tsarina Joseph, Williamsville.


Just wanna say thank you Leanna for everything. For my belly cast to having the patience to deal with my million and one whats app messages. You and your team have put together the best keepsake I could ever ask for. Seems like ya'll were actually seeing exactly what I had pictured in my head...and ya'll brought it to reality with a lil extra perfection. I love it and I'm 100% satisfied 󾌲. I'll be back when Axay'l is ready for a sibling!!!

Zakiya Mc Eachnie-Graham, Sangre Grande.


I wanted something unique to memorialize my pregnancy and belly casting by leanna did just that. The experience in itself is one of a kind. Leanna came to my house lovely and bubbly made me feel comfortable and explained everything to me. She gave me updates on the progress of my cast. She was professional and courteous in all our interactions. I was overly pleased with the finished artwork, calligraphy and overall look of my cast. I would recommend belly casting by leanna to every pregnant person I encounter.. it's a bit pricey but I guarantee you won't be disappointed. I now have a unique piece of art that I will treasure forever.

Fanah Graham, Tunapuna.


I cannot begin to thank you enough for this beautiful cast. I can't stop staring at it! Gosh. You're one talented and beautiful soul. Thank you for helping me to preserve a memory of one of the most beautiful times in my life. This cast is exactly what I wanted. Thanks again!
Camille & Christopher John, Gasparillo.
After being a health care professional for over 31 years, meeting Leanna and being
introduced to belly casting has brought a whole new dimension to childbearing.
This unique and innovative art form has taken this aspect of a woman's life and by
extension her significant others to a different level. A lot of women and couples are
going to be very happy to know that through belly casting, they will have a precious
memory to not only remember and to physically adore for the rest of their lives and
their child's life.

Farina Karim, Matron. Augustus Long Hospital, Petrotrin.

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