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About Belly Casting by Leanna:

My name is Leanna Gheseawan and I specialize in belly casting, lifecasting and photography. Having launched this business in February 2014, I've met so many wonderful people who have left impressions in my heart. I'm ever so grateful that they chose to share their journey into motherhood with me. 


Below is a testimonial from my past client:

 “It’s a real blessing to have crossed paths with you, Leanna. You’ve done an amazing job in helping us preserve our precious memories. Thank you.

Your organization skills and eye for details are outstanding and coupled with your fun personality and consideration for your clients make you an artist in the highest sense of the word.”


My best friend was expecting her first baby mid December 2013 and thought what better way to commemorate her pregnancy than with a belly cast to physically capture the memory. When the cast was completed and given to her, she was moved beyond words. The sentimental value that has been added to her life through the belly casting experience was summed up as priceless and strongly believes that it can do the same for another mother to be. She also indicated that the belly cast was such a real reminder of the time spent with the baby pre- birth.


From that moment, the journey into belly cast land began! My first official job started with Reshma and Sayeed Mohammed in mid February 2014 and flourished since.


In May 2014 on my Euro trip, I had the opportunity to meet Jamie McCartney of Brighton Body Casting, a gentleman whose work of art was truly an inspiration to me. A big thank you to Jamie for welcoming me and I hope to see you again in the near future.





















Photo taken at Brighton Body Casting.


October 2014 was a new beginning for greater things to come. Our "Lifecasting" cast was launched, giving cast a very realistic look and capturing details that would leave you blown away!


Over time materials being used has been upgraded to ensure more steadiness resulting in a long cast life. 

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