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Frequently Asked Questions



Is belly casting safe during pregnancy?
Yes. There are no known contraindications for getting a belly cast made during pregnancy.



When is the best time to have a belly cast done?


I work closely with my client's "due date" (we all know baby's come when we lease expect). Contact me when you are approaching your 32nd week and let's start planning from there.

Where is the session to take place?
Casting sessions are done at my location. I'm located in Chaguaramas, Pt. Lisas (Couva) and my assistant is located in San Fernando.


How long does the session take?
From start to finish it can take roughly 1 hour and 30 mins depending on area being covered. We also discuss ideas for the finish look of the cast. Ask about our Lifecasting methods.


How long does it take you to finish my cast? 
Time varies depending on many factors, the amount of work on production, type of cast (lifecasting or belly cast), artwork being applied, weather conditions etc. Photo updates are sent to my clients so they can be foot to foot with me regarding production. I do NOT work with an estimated time of completion.



I've done a DIY belly cast, can you restore mine? 
I've done many restoration belly cast, it is possible. However, it is advised that I see the actual cast in person so I can decide if it's a project I can handle as well as quote you a price.


How can I display my completed cast? 
Hooks are installed to each belly cast, making it easy to hang. If you have done a lifecasting session, depending on the type of cast done, I would guide you accordingly on how it can be displayed (example, a shadow box)
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