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Pet Casting/ Pet Memorial

I've been asked numerous times if I can cast pets (both alive and those who have crossed the rainbow bridge) and the answer is yes.

Casting your furry family members is not an easy job and requires pet parents to be present. Majority of the times I've been commissioned to do pet casting on those who have recently lost their pet. I am available to visit your preferred vet clinic for us or the pet crematorium. Take a look at this piece. This was done at Sunnyview Vet located in Diego Martin. Aiden reached out to me after Brynn's passing and requested to have a cast of his dearest companion's paw. I included 2 engraved tags, one with Brynn's name and nickname and the other with a poem. I finished this piece in gold as per my client request and Aiden chose the colour background and frame.

Let me know what you think of this piece.

Brynn's completed Paw Cast.

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